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My name is Juanita & I am married to a great guy named Joe. We have been married all of our lives lol. Our oldest child just turned 50, ouch, this year & our baby is 36. We have raised thus far 13 kids and still at it. 5 of our own & 8 grand kids. Believe it or not we are still learning about kids. 
I am the grand mother of 34 grand kids, 23 grand and 11 great grands. We have raised 6 grand babies who are now fully grown and on their own. We have a grand daughter named Lainey, who is not spoiled, that we have had since she was 3 days old. Looks like she is ours until the age of 18. Lainey is now 7years old. Now we have her baby brother, who is now 4 years old. We do keep busy and we keep young by having to chase babies around. I love it. 

I am a collector of many things. I collect bears, music boxes, stamps, collector cards, coins, paper money and still starting new collections since selling on line. So many different things to collect. I have now started a collection of Ox Bone items from China.

My first priority is you, the customer, although I would rather say new friend. If not for you, I would have no need for this Store. Without you there is nothing, so you are the most important person in the world to me while you are in my Store. my job is to make you happy, not me. If you are not happy then I am very unhappy.

I accept several forms of payment, PayPal,  Money orders, Amazon and RME, which is now Serve.. 
I also have 2 other e-mail addresses if you need to contact me. Also my phone number is listed. if you ever feel the need to talk to me in person, just E-Mail me for the number. I love to talk. My E-Mails are: juanitamart47@yahoo.com and also juanitamart47@gmail.com 

I do not think they have Amazon payments on PrestoStore just yet, if this is the only way you can pay let me know first